Department Manager, STO Computer Operations

Job Description

Mission Statement

  • Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. (Con Edison), Orange & Rockland Utilities (O&R), and Consolidated Edison Transmission (CET) employees are required to follow health, safety, and environmental policies, EEO, Standards of Business Conduct, and all other applicable company policy and procedures. We all share a responsibility to advance the company’s mission by excelling at our three corporate priorities – safety of our people and the public, operational excellence in all that we do, and ensuring the best possible customer experience.

Core Responsibilities

  • Ensure implementation of Company safety, health and environmental programs for employees whose work is directed. Ensure that safe work practices are followed, and the environment is fully protected in accordance with Company policy and governmental regulations.
  • Commitment to the Way We Work Principles, and adherence with the Company's Standards of Business Conduct and other Company procedures including Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S), Equal Employment Opportunity (''EEO''), discipline, and security.
  • Be committed to fostering a Zero Harm culture, Diversity and Inclusion, Achieving Operational Excellence, Developing an effective Cost Management Culture and Enhancing Customers Experience.
  • Take a leadership role in ensuring that Human Performance Improvement (HPI) error avoidance tools are incorporated into daily work activities, cascaded and made part of the fabric of doing work in order to achieve error free operation.
  • Support General Manager in the development of annual operations and maintenance budgets. Represent the Department in organizational, executive and leadership meetings. Make presentations when needed. Establish and track metrics and key performance indicators. Maintain discipline. Promote the adherence to Standards of Business Conduct and Corporate Values.
  • Plan for future changes and support the Department's goal of operational excellence by overseeing the selection and procurement impact of tools, software applications and systems, etc.; keeping abreast with technological advances; analyzing the cost impact. Review, plan and modify the Section organizational structure to permit optimized functioning in a changing environment. Foster the development and implementation of new ideas, equipment, systems, etc., to improve security, increase productivity. Develop a training to support the career development of personnel.
  • Oversee the development and ensure the implementation of the Department's business continuity plans to address short-term and long-term failure of systems and loss of facilities. Foster an approach in support of redundancy, resiliency and reliability.
  • Coordinate with the CECONY Compliance staff to prepare required submittals to regulatory agencies.
  • Align System Operation's NERC Compliance Program with the corporate Compliance Management process and the RSA Archer Compliance Tracking System (CTS).
  • Maintain involvement with industry groups and represent the interests of the Department and the Company. Influence the direction of committees, working groups, drafting teams, etc. by contributing ideas, arguments and expertise for the goal of producing sound regulatory requirements, best practices and practical solutions.
  • Oversee the System Operation NERC Compliance Program: ensure compliance with applicable NERC obligations are met through the continuing development, recommendation, revision and/or implementation of operational strategies and required policies and procedures. oversee the internal controls and quality assurance programs. Oversee the timely, accurate, and well-documented submittals of audit documentation. Keep abreast with new/developing standards, review and comment on revised standards, ensure continued and timely compliance with such revised standards. Oversee internal audits. Coordinate with stakeholders. Collaborate with peers. Be active in the industry.
  • Oversee the change management process for Computer Operations. Ensure processes and procedures are in place that are conducive to a strong cybersecurity posture and the goal of operating error-free and no compliance violations.
  • Oversee first in class cybersecurity program: Maintain compliance; implement effective tools and constantly improve the management of over a thousand cyber assets following the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Implement defense in department strategy. Coordinate with stakeholders. Collaborate with peers. Be active in the industry.
  • Oversee for the physical security program for the control center, including the management of various systems and tools (card access, intrusion detection, cameras, screening devices, etc.). Maintain compliance, implement effective tools, grant appropriate access according to roles, segregate responsibilities. Coordinate with stakeholders. Collaborate with peers. Be active in the industry.
  • Oversee the management of the Energy Management Systems (EMS), which supports the highly advanced systems that monitor and control the electric transmission, distribution and steam systems using the latest technology, user interfaces, visualization techniques, modeling and contingency applications. In addition, the EMS is an enterprise asset that provides data from the remote terminal units (RTUs) for use by various organizations. The loss of the EMS is a corporate risk profile.
  • Oversee the management of Operations Management Systems (OMS), which includes the Telephone Line System (TLS), Transmission Operation Management System (TOMS) and Feeder Management System (FMS), which are used by several organizations across the company and provide a highly critical workflow-based tools that incorporates human performance improvement to aid the District Operators and other organizations in processing feeder outages and field work in a safe manner.
  • Oversee the management of the Plant Information (PI) systemsthe data historian of the EMS. PI systems are the data sources for other systems such as Distribution Information System (DIS) and provide secure access to raw EMS data to hundreds of users across various organizations throughout the company for use in analysis, performance-based maintenance programs, and load forecasts that factor into the decisions of future capital investment and fortification projects.
  • Oversee the management of Infrastructure team, which maintains and supports the critical and sensitive infrastructure from local area networks (LANs), printers and file servers to firewalls, malware and intrusion detection systems. This team has the lead in ensuring a cyber secure environment for our systems.
  • Oversee the management of the 24x7 support and response Desk, which has the primary responsibility for monitoring of our systems and networks; responding to security alerts; backing up our systems; interfacing with the operating teams, SME's at System Operation, other technical teams at Con Edison, the NYISO and other utilities.

Required Education/Experience

  • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Computer Science or related field And with at least 8 years of relevant work experience. Managing large projects and teams Or
  • Master's Degree in Engineering, Computer Science or related field And with at least 6 years of relevant work experience. Managing large projects and teams

Required Work Experience

  • Experience with regulatory standards, e.g., understanding of the regulatory structure of FERC, NERC, NPCC, and NYISO, and their relationship to Con Edison. Required
  • Experience with cybersecurity: protecting computer systems and networks, etc. Required
  • Experience in drafting technical procedures, business process documents, or specifications for the electric power industry. Required
  • Have strong computer skills including Microsoft Office applications. Required
  • Strong organizational and administrative skills and the ability to adhere to schedules and meet deadlines. Required
  • Be able to deliver exemplary customer service and develop a team spirited work environment in support of Con Edison's corporate values and mission. Required
  • Have effective oral and written communication skills, champion change and have the ability to influence others in order to improve the management process. Required
  • Be well organized, detail oriented, flexible to handle multiple assignments and meet deadlines. Required
  • Be able to exercise independent judgment and possess the ability to render sound business decisions. Required
  • Experience leading regulatory audits, e.g., NPCC audits. Preferred
  • Experience supporting real-time systems and control centers. Preferred
  • Be familiar with application development and change management. Preferred
  • Be familiar with document management system such as SharePoint. Pref

Licenses & Certifications

  • Driver's License Required

Other Physical Demands

  • Must be able to respond to Company emergencies by performing a System Emergency Assignment to restore service to our customers.

Technical Difficulty Statement

Equal Opportunity Employer

  • Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. (Con Edison), Orange & Rockland Utilities (O&R), and Consolidated Edison Transmission (CET) are equal opportunity employers. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against on the basis of the individual’s actual or perceived disability, protected veteran status, race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, national origin, gender, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship, domestic violence victim status, or any other actual or perceived status protected by law.